Fish Eaters: The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism

``Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

Novenas Arranged by Date

7 January to 4 February
12 January to 20 January
23 January to 31 January
24 January to 1 February
25 January to 2 February
5 February to 13 February
4 March to 12 March
8 March to 16 March
10 March to 18 March
12 March to 20 March
15 March to 23 March
14 April to 22 April
25 April to 3 May
22 April to 30 April
6 May to 14 May
13 May to 21 May
21 May to 29 May
9 Tuesdays before 29 July
4 June to 12 June
9 June to 17 June
20 June to 28 June
11 July to 19 July
13 July to 21 July
16 June to 23 June
17 July to 25 July
24 July to 1 August
30 July to 7 August
4 August to 11 August
5 August to 13 August
7 August to 15 August
31 August to 8 September
6 September to 14 September
20 September to 28 September
23 September to 1 October
24 September to 2 October
25 September to 4 October
6 October to 14 October
7 October to 15 October
15 October to 23 October
20 October to 28 October
23 October to 31 October
24 October to 1 November
24 October to 1 November
4 November to 12 November
13 November to 21 November
27 November to 5 December
16 November to 24 November
29 November to 7 December
30 November to 24 December
4 December to 12 December
16 December to 24 December
16 December to 24 December
28 December to 5 January

Novena to St. Agatha
Novena to St. Agnes
Novena to St. Brigid
Novena to Our Lady of Good Success
Novena to St. Blase
Novena to St. Valentine
Novena of Grace in honor of St. Francis Xavier
Novena to St. Patrick
Novena to St. Joseph
Novena to St. Benedict
Novena to St. Gabriel
Novena to St. George
Novena to St. Monica
Novena to St. Walburga
Novena to St. Dymphna 
Novena to St. Rita of Cascia
Novena to St. Joan of Arc
Novena to St. Martha
Novena to St. Anthony of Padua
Novena to St. Ephraem the Syrian
Novena to St. Peter and St. Paul
Novena to St. Margaret of Antioch

Novena to St. Mary Magdalen

Novena to St. John the Baptist
Novena to St. Anne
Novena to St. Alphonsus Liguouri
Novena to St. Dominic
Novena to St. Clare of Assisi
Novena to St. Maximilian Kolbe
Novena to St. Roch  (San Rocco)
Novena to St. Philomena
Novena in Honor of the Dolors of the Blessed Virgin
Novena to St. Michael
Novena to Guardian Angel
Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux
Novena to St. Francis
Novena to St. Teresa of Avila
Novena to St. Gerard of Majella
Novena to St. Raphael
Novena to St. Jude
All Saints Novena
All Souls Novena
Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory
Novena to Mother Xavier Cabrini
Novena to St. Cecilia
Novena to St. Nicholas
Novena to St. Catherine of Alexandria
Novena to the Immaculate Conception
St. Andrews Novena (Christmas Novena 1)
Novena to St. Lucy

Christmas Novena II 
Novena de Aguinaldos
Novena to the Magi in Anticipation of the Epiphany

The following are moveable:

10 days before the 1st Sunday
after the Epiphany

One week before Spy Wednesday
to Maundy Thursday

Good Friday to the day before Low Sunday

The day after Ascension Thursday
to the Pentecost

Thursday after Trinity Sunday

10 days before the Feast of Christ
the King (the last Sunday in October)
Novena to the Holy Family

Good Friday Novena

Novena to the Divine Mercy

Novena to the Holy Ghost

Novena to the Sacred Heart

Novena to Christ the King

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